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Hertzka Greenfeld With An Heartwarming Medley – Lasos Retzonchu

Hertzka Greenfeld With An Heartwarming Medley – Lasos Retzonchu

With gratitude to Hashem I am excited to share with you the Lasos Retzonchu Medley. While listening to the song from Shmueli Ungar titled Yerei Shomayim it sparked me the idea of creating something like that. I thought its a message that connects to every yid who wants to do the Rotzon Hashem, so i started singing the Teniya “Tata Ich Vil Zan A Ehrlicha Yid”, and from there it was like one sentence to me. It came in my mind the song of Harav Yoel Roth “Ich Vil Lernen“, and then back to the very popular “Lasios Retzoinchu” from Yingerlach which inspired me a lot.

I hope you enjoy this track and I’m looking forward in sharing many more new ideas and compositions be”h.

Lasois – Hertzka Greenfeld
Yirei Shumayim – Shmueli Ungar
Ich Vil Lernen – R’ Yoel Roth
Lasois – Yingerlich

Produced & Song By: Hertzka Greenfeld
Percussion – Gadi Sari
Guitars – Avi Singolda
Bass – P. Greenfeld
Woodwinds – N. Steinmetz
Mix & Master – Menachem Fekete
Choir Member’s: Shimon Lefkowitz, Y. Grunbaum, Shulem Stein & Yanky Fader
Cover Design: Key Media
Digital Marketing: Motty Klein @MusicOnTime

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