Doni Gross Presents: A Yid – Benny Friedman

Doni Gross Presents: A Yid – Benny Friedman

No matter if times are good or times are great, A YID knows that everything that happens is coming from his Father in heaven. His Father Who loves him more than anything in the entire universe and even far beyond. Over the last year we all witnessed our fellow Jews and our families and ourselves dig deep and discover strengths we never believed we had inside of us. And here we are, at the moment just before the sun rises to greet the brightest day the world has ever seen, and we are wiser, and we are stronger, and we are holier and more sensitive to the things and the people that matter. A YID NEVER BREAKS. AND A YID NEVER BENDS. AND A YID NEVER GIVES UP IN THE NIGHT. A YID UNDERSTANDS THAT HASHEM HAS A PLAN, AND THAT’S ALL IT TAKES TO MAKE IT THROUGH. HIS TATTEH LOVES HIM, THAT’S WHAT A YID HOLDS ON TO!

Produced & Arranged By Doni Gross
Performed by Benny Friedman
Composed & Written by Chayala Neuhaus
Video by Flash of Design
Graphics by ThinkInk Creations
Recorded at DeG Studios, NYC

A special thanks to those who contributed personal footage and to Chavi Ohayon and Rivky Bertram for your inspiration!

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