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Ari Hill & Aviel Graucher In A New Single “Rak Byachad״‎

Ari Hill & Aviel Graucher In A New Single “Rak Byachad״‎

“Rak Byachad”: Ari Hill, Aviel Graucher and Orphans of the War in a Powerful New Song Written in Blood and Tears.

The song starts off with an emotional and meaningful consolation visit with “Byachad Nenatze’ach” delegation and man of chessed Shai Graucher at the home of Major Jamal Abbas z”l in Peki’in after he fell in battle in Gaza. The family members showed the delegation the bumper sticker they had printed in his memory, written on it is a powerful saying that inspired Jamal throughout his military service. “It will only work together, alone it won’t work.” A short and simple sentence that has so much meaning. 

Throughout the days and nights that followed, that sentence was on Shai’s mind all the time. A saying that expresses so clearly his feeling since the break out of the war. The sentence encapsulated his goal and drive since October 7th, to spread the message within our nation – Only together we will win.

For Shai, it was clear the message needed to radiate throughout every home in Israel. as there is no doubt that with the power of unity, no foreign power can defeat us. With the most talented of members, a team was established to create a powerful song, conveying this message and summarizing the past few months of war, full of challenges and trials yet filled with hope and faith in better days. Conducted by the artist Ari Hill and talented singer Aviel Graucher and with the heartfelt generosity of man of chessed Shmuel Werdiger. The composition of the song was inspired by his great father, Dedi Graucher z”l. Dedi’s memory and legacy is also being established currently in the chessed initiative “Dedi’s children” which will take care of orphans in Israel, like he commanded his sons prior to his death, to continue in his ways of chessed for widows and orphans, which he has been doing since his youth as he himself was orphaned from both parents at a young age. 

Appearing in the visual clip accompanied by the sound track, are the children who participate in “Dedi’s Children” initiative. Orphans, children of Israeli heroes who fell while protecting our state and nation. The clip depicts the stories of our small orphans whose lives have changed forever. The message of the song is even clearer, their father’s death was not for naught, their sacrifice carries so much meaning. In their deaths they have commanded us to unify, to stand united, as one body with one soul. 


Tune: Yitzy Waldner and Aviel Gracher’s inspiration

Music arranged by Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry

Photography: Nati Elbar

Film, Direction and Editing: Sruli Bruchner

Initiatives and strategy: Nuta Levine

Production Isaac Geffen IG Productions

Special thank you to man of chessed, our generous friend, Shmuel Verdiger and his family who helped, supported and took part in action and financial support to exalt the name of HaKadosh Baruch Hu.

It has been our honor to host the children of our holy heroes who fell while protecting our land.

Ofek Baruch, son of holy Uriel hy”d

Rotem Biton, son of Yakir hy”d

Aviel, Asher and David, sons of Aharon Farash hy”d

Yagel Chatuel, son of Avi hy”d

Shilo, Yisrael, Yoram and Michael Maskalatchi hy”d

Who were able to turn their loss and pain into a source of inspiration and empowerment to Am Yisrael with great talent and skill. Thank you for sharing your story with us

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