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Ari Goldwag – Lamdeini [Official Video]

Ari Goldwag – Lamdeini [Official Video]

Lamdeini – Official Video

Lamdeini prepares all students to be able to learn Gemara, it identifies those who are having difficulty understanding and it remedially teaches those students how to learn Gemara and even enjoy it. Ultimately, in the words of Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowitz, it involves “hatzalas nefashos” – it is a lifesaver – for many students.

Song composition, lyrics and musical arrangement: Ari Goldwag
child vocalists: Yonatan Kaluzhny & Yakov Willig

Video Directed and Edited by Marty Weisel
Cinematography by Tzvi Popovich
Production Assistant Nossie Kleinman
Produced and Script by Yehuda Tsabari
[email protected]

Production through Jet Venues

Leading actor: Moishi Levy
Rebbe: Ari Goldwag
Friends: Yoni Fix & Shalom Diamond
Tutor: Avi Goldshmidt
Guitarist: Oriel Dolinsky

Special thanks and appreciation to Ari Goldwag

Lamdeini is the true story of a young man who grows up enjoying learning until he reaches the age of learning Gemara and is unable to keep up with his peers. Everything turns around quickly when he is introduced to a Lamdeini tutor who guides him through the maze of Gemara learning until the point that he catches up to his peers.

Song Lyrics:
When I was much younger learning was such fun
I understood the chumash along with everyone
But as I’ve gotten older things are not the same
The gemara is much harder, I don’t mean to complain

I made every effort, I still don’t understand
The rebbe asks a question, I never raise my hand
The other children answer, they don’t mean to be unkind
I’m feeling so hopeless, I’m always far behind

Lamdeini Chukecha, the tefilla’s in my heart
Mesukim Devarecha, I hope for a new start
Lamdeini v’chakmeni, when I finally to understand
I know the joy inside will expand

Lamdeini Chukecha, a fire in me burns
Mesukim devarecha, I wish I’d love to learn
Lamdeini v’chakmeini, so I can feel complete
How I long for learning to be sweet

One day my parents told me of something I could only dream
They spoke with my rebbe, my trouble was finally seen
“Lamdeini” would provide me, with someone just for me
A tutor who would guide me, to help gain clarity

It only took a short time, I learned so much so fast
The way the Gemara works, now I understand at last,
There are so many insights, I’ve discovered since I began
I’ve caught up with my class, now I always raise my hand

Lamdeini Chukecha, the tefilla’s in my heart
Mesukim Devarecha, I’m making a new start
Lamdeini v’chakmeni, now I finally to understand
I’m watching the joy inside expand

Lamdeini Chukecha, a fire in me burns
Mesukim devarecha, now I love to learn
Lamdeini v’chakmeini, so I can feel complete
Learning Torah has become so sweet

למדני חוקיך תפילה בליבי
מתוקים דבריך מחדש התחלתי
למדני וחכמני ללמוד ולהבין
שמחה בוערת לי מבפנים

למדני חקיך יסוד אחר יסוד
מתוקים דבריך, כן אני אוהב ללמוד
למדני וחכמני, בדברי תורה לעסוק
ללמוד תורה נהיה כל כך מתוק

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