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Ari Goldwag – Lamdeini [Official Video]

Lamdeini – Official Video http://charidy.com/lamdeini http://www.lamdeini.org Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Lamdeini Lamdeini prepares all students to be able to learn Gemara, it identifies those who are having difficulty understanding and it remedially teaches those students how to learn Gemara and even enjoy it.

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6 Constant Mitzvos Based on a Series of Lectures by Rabbi Yitzchok Berkowitz 0

Anytime. Anywhere. The six mitzvahs that every Jew can, and must, fulfill. The six mitzvahs that can, and will, change our lives. The classic work Sefer HaChinuch lists six mitzvahs that a Jew is commanded to constantly fulfill, without a

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