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A Song For Yom Hashoah “Zikaron Yashan” Dudi Frishman Following The Admor of Piaczesna [MUSIC]

A Song For Yom Hashoah “Zikaron Yashan” Dudi Frishman Following The Admor of Piaczesna [MUSIC]

On Erev Yom Hashoah singer Dudy Frishman released a brand new song based on the story told over by R’ Shlomo Carlebach about the holy hunchback, who grew up by the Admor from Piaczesna and killed in the Holocaust. The point of the song is that the most important thing is to do good things for other people.

Dudy Frishman is a singer and composer who lives amongst the Chareidi, Religious, and Chiloni populations, and is married with four children. He is a teacher and is involved in the connection between Torah and music.

Now he is releasing a new song called Zikaron Yashan, based on the story of the Holy Hunchback from R’ Shlomo Carlebach.

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