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Tag "Shlomo Carlebach"

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The Next Hit! Shloime Meir & Ari Hill In A Historic Duet: “Yehudi Kadosh”

Remember the name Shloime Meir, an intriguing and promising singer, who sang in a new and exciting duet with Ari Hill “Yehudi Kadosh” to the tune of musician Bentzi Stein who also participates in Sea-Part, the duo Eli Klein and

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The New Song From Aaron Razel “Rak Od Nigun Echad”

The singer and composer Aaron Razel in his melody from 5777, traveling by bus from Jerusalem to Tzfas to the words of Reb Shlomo Carlebach combined with his words. Arrangement: Aaron Razel Musical production: Avi Tal and Aaron Razel

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Zalman Stub With A New Single “Teshuasam”

Singer and artist Zalman Stub is releasing a new single called Teshuasam, as he is working on his debut album. The song is composed by R’ Shlomo Carlebach originally, and added to by Zalman himself. The track was arranged and

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Hatov Ki Lo Chalu – Moshe Katz

An inspiring mashup of 2 powerful songs with 1 important message. Thank you Hashem for all the goodness you bring us! From the biggest moments to the smallest details of our lives we thank you Hashem. כי מעולם קוינו לך

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27 Years To R. Shlomo Carlebach – The Deutsch Brothers In Another Carlebach Single: Racheim B’Chasdecha

Aviah and Uriel Deutsch, who have been working on R’ Shlomo Carlebach‘s songs for a number of years, are now releasing a new single of one of R’ Shlomo‘s songs in honor of his 27th Yahrtzeit. Their goal is to

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A Song For Shabbos: Avi Hass With A New Single “Lecha Dodi”

After Avi Hass released his debut album called La’Alot Ba’Har, he is releasing a new single of Lecha Dodi, composed by Shlomo Carlebach from the Yachdav Yeranenu project, produced by Eran Klein.

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Heilige Taig 5782 – Yomim Noraim Medley With Duvid Berger

Some things never change. Although R’ Duvid Berger now spends his nights enhancing simchas and events around the world, his hartz and message stay the same. Back with a new edition of “הייליגע טעג”, Duvid’s rich vocals combined with this

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Chaim Shlomo Mayesz – Or Layeudim (prod. by Yochanan)

In honor of Purim, Chaim Shlomo Meyesz is releasing his new song ‘Ohr leYehudim‘ – ‘Light for the Jews’. This is a remix of the original song “Menucha V’simcha” by Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach. Arranged and mixed by Yochanan Bleich

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Eitan Katz With A New Purim Single “Gut Purim”

This nigun was composed at the height of last year’s Purim seuda. The catchy chorus to the words “Gut Purim” was inspired by an old recording of R’ Shlomo Carlebach at his Purim seuda. During the seuda, the way in

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Yitzchak Meir With A New Single “Elaka Dilei”

Singer and artist Yitzchak Meir is releasing a new single after ten incredible albums and many singles. The song is Elaka Dilei from Koh Ribon with R’ Shlomo Carlebach’s original tune, produced by Eran Klein.

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