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Nussy Fuchs Presents A Special Purim Hit “Avo El Hamelech”

Nussy Fuchs Presents A Special Purim Hit “Avo El Hamelech”

After two years in which he stepped down from the stages and stopped appearing as a prodigy, singer and composer Nussy Fuchs, returns and releases a special single for Purim “Avo El Hamelech.”

Nussy Fuchs, who turned out to be a prodigy, and has performed in huge stages alongside the greatest chasidic singers and participated in great chassidic hits, including “Vafilu Behastara,” “Memaleh Kol Oilomim,” and “Da Lecho Beni” together with Yoel Klein, as well as performed a special duet with “Anpoho Neheirn” with Mordechai Ben David, and composed and performed together with his brother Nachman Fuchs the hits “Mimamakim” and others.

About two years after he stopped performing, he returns to the foreground with a special hit in honor of the Purim holiday, arranged by Yanki Cohen and Israeli rock bands.

Lyrics: Megillas Esther
Music: Nussy Fuchs
Adaptation: Yanki Cohen
Guitars: Nachman Halvitz
Production: Nati Austri
Photo: Yehiel Gurfein
Graphics: Meir Anshin

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