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Yossi Lebowitz Releases Debut Single “Keil Nkomois”

Yossi Lebowitz Releases Debut Single “Keil Nkomois”

You have never heard Jewish music like this! That is what you will be saying to yourself after you have listened to newcomer Yossi Lebowitz debut single titled “Keil Nkomois“ which will be on his upcoming debut album Kchoichvei Hashomayim.

Yossi has been singing since the tender age of two and writing songs since the age of six. His vocal range is astounding. Not only can he effortlessly hit those high notes, but how he can evoke emotion through the meaning of the songs and their lyrics enabling him to adapt and sound totally different.

His debut single Keil Nkomois talks about Hashem taking care of our enemy’s for us. You can clearly hear his aggressive passion resonating through this rock song. As talented as he is, Yossi would not have been able to create this music on his own. Helping him out was legendary guitarist Ari Boiangiu, who brought along for the ride other talented musicians each a master in their own right which formed this hardcore classic. Joining Boiangiu, was engineer and good friend of Yossi, Yidu Weinstock who worked his magic and helped coach Leibowitz enabling him to create flawless vocals.

Yossi’s debut album will have it all, songs from various genres. So get ready, because this is the beginning of the Yossi Lebowitz experience.

Produced by: Machshvos Lebo Production
Recorded by & Musical Engineer: Nir Graff @ Bubbas Studio
Vocal & Studio Engineer: Yidu Weinstock
Guitars: Ari Boiangiu
Bass: Edmond Gilmore
Drums: Eran Asias
Electronic sound engineers: YLK & Menachem Sabol
Mixed & Mastered: Playmaster Studios
Cover Design: Yossi Zweig

Follow Yossi on social media
Twitter: @Lebosmusic
Facebook: Yossi Lebowitz
Instagram: yossi_lebowitz

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  1. boss
    boss 29 March, 2017, 08:30

    We love yossi Liebowitz (and y zwieg of course) yossi this music is awesome

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