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Yossi Green – Malas Ribui Halimud

Yossi Green – Malas Ribui Halimud

It was years ago, in Chanuka of 1982, that I first discovered the little pamphlet ספר דרך הלימוד, one of the many ספרים that had been written and distributed to the public by the מוהרא”ש זצ”ל. He had imbued this unassuming little paperback ספר’ל with such a power that one read-through was all it took to completely change the direction of my life! At the time, I wasn’t aware that the מקור of the precious words I was reading were from מוהר”ר נחמן מברסלב זצוק”ל.

It was Reb Yoel Roth שליט”א and his עולם who then made me aware of a שיחת הר”ן known as שיחה ע”ו, in which I clearly saw the entire premise of the Sefer. After learning the שיחה I knew right away that I had to try and set this Gevaldigeh concept to song and perhaps enable me to share these precious ideas a bit further.

First came the synopsis of the שיחה itself into a singable text which is now hopefully contained in the lyrics of this song. Then came the melody which with סייעתא דשמיא can become a מרכבה, a Chariot, to deliver these Timeless, life-changing and Heiligeh words into the hearts and minds of those seeking to enter the ים התלמוד. With great סייעתא דשמיא here is the result of this effort.

Yossi Tyberg brings the track to life as he does with most of my work; Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry from Yerushalayim created the arrangement; Yossi Zweig created the visual while Reb Yoel Roth שליט”א introduces the piece with a clear statement of the concept in Yiddish!
ווייל נאר ווען מ’לערנט לעבט מען!

Produced by Yossi Tyberg
Composed & Performed by Yossi Green
Arranged by Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry

This project is being sponsored by Abraham J. Weberman
לעילוי נשמת מורינו רבי אליעזר

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