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Tag "Yerusholayim"

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“Veshechezena Eineinu”: Aharon Sitbon Presents – “Yerusholayim” [Music Video]

As everyone heads north and looks forward to the long-awaited moment when we all go up to Jerusalem, and eat from the korbad Pesach, in the Third Beis Hamikdash, beloved and well-known singer Aharon Sitbon presents a refreshing new video

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Itay Kalderon ft. Gad Elbaz – Yerusholayim (Radio Mix)

Producer/DJ Itay Kalderon and singer Gad Elbaz teem up for this electronic version of the traditional wedding prayer, “Im Eshkocheich Yerusholayim”. Shortly after being released the this song became a hit at weddings and clubs. The song will be featured

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Moshe Louk – Yerusholayim

Moshe Louk just released a single in response to antisemitism. The single is called Yerushalayim. Moshe Louk is a well known and respected composer and poet. With his vocal abilities, he has traveled worldwide, including North Africa, where he performed

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