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R’ Yermiah Damen & Moshe “Mona” Rosenblum With A New Album “Ledor Vedor”

In honor of the Simchas Beis Belz which took place last week, R’ Yermiah Damen released a brand new album of songs which have become staples and massive hits in the world of Chassidic Music. The new album, which is

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Start Off The Week With “Lechaim Tish”

After releasing the popular and loved series featuring Shabbos songs from “Lechaim Tish“, the producers surprisingly are releasing a NEW album entitle “Lechaim Tish Melave Malkeh“. Lechaim Tish Shabbos has six parts to the series and is loved by Jews

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Lchaim Music with a Special Project: Yomim Noroim Triple Pack – Shirei L’yemei Ellul

It’s no secret that when Yom Tov approached (ANY Yom Tov) the “Lchaim Tish Series” have an album to enhance your simcha! So it has been for almost every yom tov including; Purim, Pesach, Chanukah and of course the Yomim

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Dirshu Presents- Hoyu Nechonim featuring: Isaac Honig, Shloimy Daskal, Yermiah Damen & Eli Laufer

When Rav Dovid Hofstedter of Toronto founded Dirshu 14 years ago, no one could have foreseen the success of how big it would grow. Today over 100,000 yungerleit on 6 continents, have learned millions of blatt Gemara over tens of

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Dirshu Kollel and Moshe Laufer present: “Hoyu Nechonim” a Musical Album in Honor of the Siyum Hashas

Dirshu kollel is the world’s largest organization with over one hundred thousand men are tested weekly throughout the world on Shas. Some of their programs include “Kinyan Shas”: goal achieving proficiency in the Talmuid Bavli. “Limud Halacha”: with Mishna Berura

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Be’or Ponecho – Belz

Nigun Distributors presents Be’or Ponecho with the baal hamenagein Yermiah Damen. Featuring Nigunei Belz. Arrangements by Moshe Mona Rosenblum and Hershy Ginsberg. To purchase visit TopJewishMusic.com

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