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JI EXCLUSIVE! Yosef Chaim says goodbye to the US

Last night some of Yosef Chaim’s friends got together at Glatt A La Carte in Brooklyn to give the singer a send off he will remember. Yosef Chaim is making Aliyah today with his family. Some of the guests included

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Pictures & more from last nights KULOM AHUVIM LIVE! Concert

Photos by: BARUCH EZAGUI By: Yossi Zweig Wow! What a spectacular evening.  MBD hasn’t been to Brooklyn College or any BIG concert in NY in at least a year or so and you can tell the people needed their dose

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Pictures from Kulom Ahiuikm Practice today!

Shua Kessin & Aaron Razel (from l to r) Yanky Katina, Yeedle, Shua Kessin & Avrumi Schreiber (Freilach Orchestra) Shua Kessin & MBD

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MBD LIVE: This Motzei Shabbos – Brooklyn College

MBD KULAM AHUVIM LIVE! This Motzei Shabbos DEC 19 in Brooklyn College!  To take part in this amazing event call 7183019036 or log onto! Tickets Will Also Be Available at the Door!

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Pictures from Lipa in Chicago presented by Ozer Babad

Shua Kessin, Lipa & Shea Rubenstien This past Monday night Hannah Sacks Bais Yaakov in conjunction with Xclusive Productions presented: A CHICAGO CHANUKAH CONCERT starring LIPA SCHMELTZER, Shua Kessin and also starring Shea Rubenstein Music was orchestrated and conducted by

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Pictures for practice “A CHICAGO CHANUKAH CONCERT” starring LIPA, Shua Kessin and Shea Rubenstein 1

Shea Rubinstein, Lipa & Shua Kessin before the show Shua Kessin Yisroel Lamm Shea Rubinstein Shea Rubinstein & Lipa

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