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Tag "Shragi Lichter"

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Chaim Shlomo MAYESZ presents to you טינקלקייט – The Sound of Silence in Yiddish

On his way to his fifth album Chaim Shlomo releases his new single, a warm and deep song – טינקלקייט The Sound of Silence, the words were written by Shragi Lichter to the famous tune “the sound of silence” composed

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Mesikus Vol. 5 – Achakeh Loh

Mesikus Vol. 5 Achakeh Loh, is the fifth in a series. The previous 4 album 1-Yevoriech ,2-Nodeh Lcho, 3-Ailov and 4-Libi, are all beautiful collections of brand New Songs from the most famous composers; Pinky Weber ,Yosef Moshe Kahana, Meshulem

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