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“Tadlik Es HaEish” The First Clip From The Shwekey Live Park Show

After a long wait: Shwekey released his double audio/video album from his August 2019 concert “Shwekey in Live Park“. It was one of the most heavily invested concerts in Jewish music, produced by Sharon Daniel Pro and multimedia from Izeek

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Yaakov Shwekey & Kobi Peretz “Todah Al Hakol”

Last month, Yaakov Shwekey hosted singer Israeli superstar Kobi Peretz at the Pis Arena in Jerusalem, as part of the Ariel Winter Festival, initiated by Ariel and Sharon Daniel Pro. The show was conducted by musical artist Rafi Greidi, accompanied

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Yaakov Shwekey – I AM ALIVE [New Music Video]

BH Life goes by very quickly and we sometimes forget the simple fact that we get up in the morning healthy. we’re able to breathe or able to walk or able to sing! The song was inspired by Rabbi Miller‘s

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Daniel Pro Presents: YAAKOV SHWEKEY

SHARON DANIEL PRO PRESENTS: YAAKOV SHWEKEY INTRODUCES MUSICA! Chol HaMoed Sukkot Wednesday, September 26th, 8:30pm Heichal Hatarbut Tel Aviv Tickets here: MUSICA – Album Preview YOUR TIME – Official Music Video

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Torah Academy’s 4th Annual Concert Featuring Yaakov Shwekey!

Torah Academy Of Boca Raton Presents The 4th Annual Chanukah Concert starring Yaakov Shwekey Featuring The Torah Academy Boys Choir Musical Director Rafi Greidi Production Sharon Daniel Pro Wednesday, December 20 at 7:15 PM – 10:30 PM FAU Carole &

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Watch the RikuDegalim A Historical Moment At The Western Wall

Production: Sharon Daniel Pro Musical management: Rafi Greidi Video Art & Multimedia: Media Pro Sound Designer: Moshik Tzabary Editing: Coral Studios Ltd

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Yaakov Shwekey | Live in Jerusalem 2017 | Promo

Watch the recap of Yaakov Shwekey‘s latest show, performing at the World Mizrahi grand opening event at the ICC Jerusalem, commemorating the 50th year anniversary of the unification of Jerusalem, attended by thousands from both Israel and the Diaspora ​Production:

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Special: Yaakov Shwekey & Hanan Ben-Ari – Live in TEL AVIV (Video)

Special: Yaakov Shwekey & Hanan Ben-Ari Live in TEL AVIV (Video) Production: Sharon Daniel Pro Musical management: Rafi Grady Lighting design: Jonathan Cole Multimedia Director: Izeek Daniel Sound: Moshik Tzabri

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