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Twins Yosef & Yaakov Ben-Shabbat – Mechubarim

Three months after the end of the successful show “Ha’Teumim”, Yaakov and Yosef Ben-Shabbat are continuing their musical work and are introducing their first single called “Mechubarim”. The song was written in the style of the twins by lyricist Rami

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David Atzraf – Kamah Osher

David Atzraf is a name more easily identified with singing poetry and Chazzanus in the past decade. However, he has recently begun to make his path along mainstream music, and is releasing his first rhythmic, young, and fresh new single,

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Chaim Israel – Kessem Neuorai: The Sixth Single From His New Album

Chaim Israel is almost ready to release his 12th album!!!! This latest single “Kessem Neuorai” is in the style of songs long past. Lyrics: ״קסם נעוריי״ סינגל קצבי ושונה המחזיר אותנו אל המוזיקה של פעם, עם טקסט מרגש שמחזיר את

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In honour of Hanukah, a real miracle is about to happen: Yuval Taib’s album Shema Yisrael, the album of the decade, has been released. Taib has been a star of oriental music since the age of 8, his first album

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