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Lchaim Music Presents: Lchaim Tish Toirah

If you were thinking to yourself, there’s still one Yom Tov that the “Lchaim Tish” series hasn’t covered, think again. Lchaim music is proud to announce the release of “Lchaim Tish Toirah” just in time for the Yom Tov of

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Counting the Days of Sefira with Lchaim

It seems that Sefira will be shorter this year than ever, with the release of “vocal treasure/haotzer vocali” from Lchaim. This special production was just release as a continuation of a series of treasures from ‘LChaim’. The Special Edition includes

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Lchaim Tish 6 – Cover + Audio Sampler

After the HUGE success of the five albums, Lchaim Tish now is ready to release the sixth in the series and it promises to be one above the rest! The Lchaim Tish series created by Rabbi Yosef Moshe Kahane began

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