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The Spark Within: Stories to touch your heart and light up your soul

What was the secret of the bus driver’s unexpected kindness? If there were ten Jewish men in the shul, why did the Ribnitzer Rebbe need another to complete the minyan? How did the sweet fragrance of an esrog bring back

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An Angel From Yerushalayim: Reb Chaim Goldberg the Chicago native who became a chesed legend

Reb Chaim Goldberg was a gaon, a genius in kindness. An ilui, a prodigy in caring. A man who made a fortune in mitzvos and chesed. He called himself a “simple yungerman in Brisk,” but to many, Reb Chaim Goldberg

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TOUCHED BY THE PARSHA The Stories and Soul of the Weekly Torah Portion – Bereishis and Shemos

So much wisdom. So much truth. And so many stories. – A rav in Tiveria saves a troubled marriage with a steaming cup of coffee. – A Jew in Auschwitz receives not one, but two tattooed numbers — and finds

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RAV GIFTER: The Vision, Fire and Impact of an American-born Gadol

Born in Portsmouth, Virginia. Attended public school in Baltimore. Knew only one blatt Gemara at his bar mitzvah. Was this a Jewishly deprived American youngster? Not at all. It was the world renowned gaon and rosh yeshiva Harav Mordechai Gifter,

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A TOUCH OF PURITY: The Soul of Teshuvah Through Stories and Reflections

If repentance is so important – why is it so hard to achieve it? With his trademark blend of stories that open our hearts and Torah insights that reach our souls, Rabbi Yechiel Spero, author of the bestselling Touched by

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JI EXCLUSIVE! Baruch Levine – Touched By A Niggun – Cover & Sampler

What do you get when you take a world renowned author and multi talented singer/composer? Touched by a Niggun. Baruch Levine teamed up with Rabbi Yechiel Spero author of Touched by a Story, Prayer etc. to create a very unique

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A TOUCH OF INSPIRATION : Heartfelt stories to encourage and stir the soul

Why are we touched by his stories? Rabbi Yechiel Spero understands stories – how to find them, how to tell them. Rabbi Yechiel Spero understands people – how to touch them, how to inspire them. Rabbi Yechiel Spero, in his

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