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The A Team “Riboin Haolamim” Feat: Shloime Daskal & The Meshorerim

The A Team Symphony Series Presents ‘Riboin Haolamim Yodati’ Featuring: Shloime Daskal Accompanied by: The Meshorerim Choir Originally Sung by: Avraham Fried Composed by: Pinchos Breyer Original Score by: Naftali Schnitzler Additional Arrangements & Orchestration By: Avremi G Post Production:

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Avraham Fried Releases New Single From Upcoming Album “Riboin”

Composed by Pinchos Breyer Arranged by Naftali Shnitzler Mixed by Eli Lishinsky The composers son Yehuda Leib was married to Esther a few days ago. As a gift to Chosson Kallah and the Brayer family, this song is being released.

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