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Ey Sham Band – Hallelujah Acapella

With the beginning of the days of Sefirah, the No Name Band (Ey Sham Band) is releasing an A Capella version of their song Halleluka, their second single. The song was composed by Eitan Henna, and was vocally arranged by

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Ey Sham Band – Hallelujah [Official Lyric Video]

The “No Name Band/Ey Sham” is releasing a brand new single in advance of their debut album. The song is called Hallelujah, composed about five years ago by the band soloist Eitan Heinah and arranged and produced by all of

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The Jewish Rock Band Ey Sham Band With A Song For Yom Yerusholayim “Yerushalayim Sheli”

Here is the brand new Chareidi Israeli rock group, called the “Ey Sham Band/No Name Band”. The group is made up of four friends, Eitan Hannah together with acapella artist Yonatan Stern and two others. Their debut single now being

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