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Eli Klein – Ashrei Ha’Am [Official Music Video]

Eli Klein is releasing a new single and music video called Ashrei Ha’Am. The words and composition are by Netanel Ben Giat and Eli Klein, produced by Netanel Ben Giat, and arranged by Netanel Ben Giat and Nadav Biton.

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Noam HaShabbos: The New Shabbos Song From Noam Ramati “Mizmor Shir”

Noam Ramati‘s debut first album is approaching its release and he is now releasing a new single, called Mizmor Shir. It is a beautiful song about his connection to Shabbos. He wrote the lyrics and composed the song himself, which

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The New Song From Noam Ramati “V’Gomleini Chassadim Tovim”

Just in time for Elul, singer Noam Ramati is releasing his new single V’Gomleini Chassadim Tovim, which he wrote and composed himself. Its his 4th single on his way towards his debut album produced by the talented Nadav Biton.

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The Very Moving Ballad From Mati Shriki Who Was Expelled From Gush Katif – Pnei Adama

Mati Shriki, one of the more active artists in the world of Jewish music is releasing a new song, a personal and emotional ballad, commemorating a decade and a half since Jews were forced to evacuate from Gush Katif. Mati

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Noam Ramati With A New Single “Vadaut”

Singer Noam Ramati is releasing a new single called Vadaut. The song is another taste of his interesting debut album due out soon. The song was produced by Nadav Biton.

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New Single From His Upcoming Album Yishai Rivo “Tocho Ratzuf Ahava”

Yishai Rivo began writing and composing music at the young age of just 14. Today, nine years after (23), he is finally releasing his first single from his upcoming debut album to be released shortly. The album, which received a

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Ohad Ozeri – Betfilla

Mediterranean music has known quite a few successful artists in the last decade, however a combination of oriental singing voice with a touch of an Israeli singer such as Ohad Ozeri, that is a first. We are proud to present

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Elchai Refoua – Everybody’s Father

Elchai Refoua, known as the “boy with a voice like a bell” and a promising young talent himself, will represent Israel with the song “Everybody’s Father” in the Tenth Jewish Festival in Stockholm, Sweden on 25th Iyar. Elchai (aged 19)

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