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When Nostalgia & Innovation Come Together: A New Solo Album For The Wonder Boy Ari Reich – “Ari SheBechabireh”

R’ Moshe Cohen who has produced countless albums and production over the last 10+ year, is now releasing a new album, the first time in decades. He presents the “Ari SheBechabireh” – a unique emotional album by the wonder boy

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Ari Reich – Nechsefo

Wonderchild Ari Reich from America is bringing a beautiful song that has not been heard the likes of yet! The song was composed by R’ Aharon Ostreicher, and produced in America in honor of his daughter’s wedding. The song was

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Yossi Gil’s 39th Birthday Surprise: Including Specially Brochos From 39 Jewish Music Artists

Major radio personality Yossi Gil just celebrated his 39th birthday, and some of the major Chassidic musical personalities such as MBD, Avraham Fried, Lipa, and Isaac Honig wished sent him recorded happy birthday messages, which were compiled into a musical

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Child Prodigy Ari Reich With His Debut Single “Yehiyu Leratzon”

After sweeping away the world of Jewish music on dozens of stages and capturing the hearts of tens of thousands of fans in Israel and across the world, wonder child Ari Reich breaks out with his debut single. Ari gained

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Child Soloist Yanky Stern With Choir – Parnassah

Child Soloist Yanky Stern With Mesamchim Choir Singing “Parnassah” Composed By Moshe Goldman which was recorded on his album Camp Shalva 13 Released in 2007. For The Mesila Organisation – Providing The Path For Financial Stability, Choir Conducted And Song

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