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Zusha ‘Mishenichnas Adar’

As the month of Adar begins in only couple of days we offer this tune originally composed by Dov Shurin. The words, “once Adar enters (our cycle of time) we increase in joy” are more important now then ever. How

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Naftali Blumenthal – Mishenichnas Adar [Purim Song]

Everyone always want to know, “wait, I thought we are always supposed to be happy. How do I increase that?” Perhaps the term “happiness” is not a state of being. True joy is not a destination, it’s a direction. When

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Yossi Green Introduces You To The Purim Atmosphere: “Mishenichnas Adar”

Remember the “Diet Song” originally performed by Lipa Schmeltzer at HASC? The World renowned composer Yossi Green, who created the song, presents a new and revolutionary version – “Mishenichnas Adar.” Enjoy

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Pey Dalid – “Mishenichnas Adar” (Official Purim Music Video) Feat. Eitan Katz

Coming soon! New album – HASHEM MELECH – THE 12 TRIBES – Here is the single, “Mishenichnas Adar” Official Purim Music Video Feat. Eitan Katz

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Aaron Razel with NEW song for Purim “Mishenichnas Adar”

Each and every year Aaron Razel sends all his friends a special song for Purim, for FREE. Although earlier this year he released a slower song (Ochel Leshager Gam Oto), for Purim he re-produced a song he created 10 years

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