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A Groundbreaking Musical Venture: “K’fitzas Haderech” With The Frist In The Series “Didoh Bei 2022″

An unusual new venture is underway these days. The first musical work from the “K’fitzas Haderech” series is published on Rosh Chodesh Kislev, and opens the signal for a monthly tradition, Ltd.: Each Rosh Chodesh, another song in the series

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The Pesach Collection – Audio Preview

From MRM Music comes the brand new Pesach Collection! Featuring Meydad Tasa, Michoel Streicher, Meir Rosenberg, Shauli, Avi Begun and more! Distributed by MRM Music. Digital Download Available @

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Eli Friedman Presents: The Comeback!

Eli Friedman is considered one of the well-known names in the world of Chassidic Music. He was born in Kiryat Sanz in Yerushalayim in a Chassidish house, and was raised in the Litvish Yeshivos. Friedman is also well-known in the

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Eli Friedman Returns With A New Single Special For Chodesh Adar: “Timche!”

Eli Friedman is considered one of the most colorful characters known chasidic music. Friedman was born in Kiryat Sanz Jerusalem in Hasidic and Lithuanian yeshivas increased. Friedman, who is strongly associated with the Yeshiva world, started off his career while

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Michoel Streicher – Solid English Collection REMASTERED

Just one year ago MRM Music released the full Michoel Streicher Catalog on MP3′s, and music lovers went wild. Now the fans asked for all of Michoel’s world renown English songs, so MRM Music digitally remastered the ENTIRE ENGLISH COLLECTION

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Here is the ULTIMATE Michoel Streicher collection!! Over the last twenty seven years, Streicher has released a staggering 25 albums a total of 289 songs, and ALL are encompassed in this timely classic Double mp3 CD. Hit songs like Koach

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[VIN] New York – Brooklyn Dinner Celebrates L’asurim Volunteers

VIN News by Sandy Eller New York – More than four hundred people turned out last Thursday night for a Volunteers Appreciation Banquet held by L’asurim, a not for profit organization founded approximately three years ago to advocate for the

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ADERET presents: Jewish Music Mega Hits 0

Aderet presents a new CD series, Jewish Music Mega Hits! This CD features 14 songs that have made it BIG. The CD is available for $9.99 or $8.99 download on and now in stores! Song List: Tate (MBD) Ma

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