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Upcoming Lipa Video A Call For Solidarity Between All Jews

Lipa Schmeltzer is back at work on an all new music video, this time tackling the subject of unity. Set to Lipa’s hot song Mizrach, one of the hit songs off his latest release, Leap of Faith, the video was

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Nachum Segal Hosts LIPA Schmeltzer Live at JM in the AM to Celebrate ”Leap of Faith,” LIPA’s Amazing New CD

It was an historic morning on JM in the AM today when Nachum Segal welcomed the incomparable LIPA Schmeltzer to the studio for a major celebration in honor of LIPA’s new CD “Leap of Faith.” Nachum and LIPA discussed and

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Mostly Music Launches All New Music Downloader! Get Lipa’s Leap of Faith Just $9.99!

The brand new album from Lipa Schmeltzer is now available! You can get the CD in stores everywhere. Mostly Music is also excited to announce that the download will now be available for just $9.99. This comes as part of

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Take The Leap of Faith + Audio Sampler + All New Lipa Website

After giving you his heart in has last album, Meimke D’Lipa, Lipa takes a Leap of Faith with his upcoming album as he continues with his high energy, excitement and pure joy. Lipa has once again teamed up with an

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[VIN NEWS] Rockland County, NY – First on VIN: World Premiere Preview of Lipa’s Leap of Faith

VIN News By Sandy Eller Rockland County, NY – With the release of chasidic superstar/entertainer Lipa Schmeltzer’s new album just days away, Lipa is giving fans a small taste of what to expect when his new album, titled Leap of

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The Sound of 5772 / תשע”ב

By Mini Z (Jacob Friedman) The sound of Jewish Music has seen many changes over the years but the ‘sound of 5772/2012’ is outstanding and a sound like never heard before, especially since multiple top artists are putting forth their

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