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“Yismach Melech” Shlomo Katz Releases Dynamic New Album

Most people know Shlomo Katz as the one responsible for revealing some of the hidden Niggunim of R’ Shlomo Carlebach, which he has also recorded over the course of years. The major ones are Niggun Neshama, Borei Olam, and K’Shoshana.

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“Yismach Melech” Shlomo Katz Debut A New Song From His Upcoming Album

Singer Shlomo Katz is now in the final stages of production of his upcoming new original album. Despite being a key player in the project of reinvigorating R’ Shlomo Carlebach’s less well-known songs, he already has an impressive resume of

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The Cantors Forum “Kevodo”

Production: Kfir & Kalman Arrangements & musical direction: Eitan Sobol Design: Point – Silberberg Photo: Yaniv Schmidt PR: MediaPRO Lyrics: “כבודו מלא עולם ומשרתיו שואלים זה לזה איה מקום כבודו להעריצו ממקומו הוא יפן ברחמיו לעמו ויחון עם המיחדים שמו

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“B’Rosh Hashana” Shlomo Katz Prepares For Yomim Noroim

It’s no secret that Shlomo Katz grew up in a musical house. His father, R’ Avshalom Katz, served as a Baal Tefillah for over 40 years, and during his childhood Shlomo would stand by his father’s side and sing from

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