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Chaim Israel Starts Off The Summer With A New Song “Ahava Midor L’dor”

This has been an amazing year for the singer Chaim Israel. He released a new album Kessem Neuorai featuring 12 extraordinary tracks of which eight singles became retro style hits “Eifoh Hayamim”, “Kessem Neuorai” along with he ballads “Ata Hayeled”

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Chaim Israel With A New Ballad “Ata Hayeled” and Zappa

Superstar mizrachi singer Chaim Israel released a ballad of love and emotion, a letter from a father to his son, dedicated to his son Daniel, “Ata Hayeled“. The song was written by Rami Lev to lyrics that touche the heart

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CHAIM ISRAEL Sings to Hashem “Elokeim Adirim”

Today Chaim Israel released his seventh single from his new album “Kessem Neuorai“. The song “Elokeim Adirim” is an Israeli rock ballad, written and composed by the singer and composer Tal Segev. With the exciting, warm voice of Chaim Israel

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Chaim Israel With An All New Album “Kessem Neuorai” & New Single “Aifoh HaYamim”

Eastern Mediterranean singer Chaim Israel is about to release his 12th album entitled “Kessem Neuorai” with a huge concert on August 21st, 2012. The new album includes 18 varied tracks in various styles including, ballads, pop and retro Mediterranean. Some

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Chaim Israel – Kessem Neuorai: The Sixth Single From His New Album

Chaim Israel is almost ready to release his 12th album!!!! This latest single “Kessem Neuorai” is in the style of songs long past. Lyrics: ״קסם נעוריי״ סינגל קצבי ושונה המחזיר אותנו אל המוזיקה של פעם, עם טקסט מרגש שמחזיר את

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