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Lipa Schmeltzer, Raphael Melloul, Mendy Roth, Fire Band & Yedidim: Yomim Noroim Medley With The Yaldei Lev Echad

On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the table is set, the house is clean and tidy, the signs are ready, the smell of the special Yom Tov dishes permeate the air, a supreme sacred atmosphere, the moment arrives.) Everyone in

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Ari Hill, Fire Band & Neshama Choir “Dance Medley”

Ari Hill is coming back again to the dance floor with an exciting new dance clip, together with the Fire Band conducted by Yanky Landau and the Neshama Choir with Itzik Filmer.

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Special for Motzei Shabbos: Kumzitz Singer Duvid Berger & Dudi Kalish With A New Song “Rabeinu”!

Kumzitz singer and performer Duvid Berger well known with his beautiful voice, having performed each and every night at different stages and different events and Simches, and makes Yiddem happy through music and song presents together with legendary composer Dudi

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Bentzi Stein & Ahrale Samet: Ich Bin Danse – I Am Yours

It all started 3 years ago when famed composer Bentzy Stein – owner of lots the latest hits – had sat down in the studio to finish up the composition for the famous hit ‘Kerestir‘ released by Beri Weber &

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When Big Names Came Together To Create A Green’s Melody… Enjoy The Result!

Ki Hamitzvah, the touching composition of Yossi Green which was originally performed by Avraham Fried, was recently graced with a brand new performance. Yisrael Adler, the Vizhnitz Choir, and the children of Kol Hanearim, and the Fire band conducted by

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Malchus Choir, Zanvil Weinberger & Fire Band “Pen Pen, Ken Ken”

Perfect harmony is what happens with Zanvil Weinberger and the Malchus choir work together with the Fire Band, which is conducted by Yanky Landau. Its already been a number of months since Yanky Landau announced that he’d be opening up

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