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Lipa Schmeltzer, Raphael Melloul, Mendy Roth, Fire Band & Yedidim: Yomim Noroim Medley With The Yaldei Lev Echad

Lipa Schmeltzer, Raphael Melloul, Mendy Roth, Fire Band & Yedidim: Yomim Noroim Medley With The Yaldei Lev Echad

On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, the table is set, the house is clean and tidy, the signs are ready, the smell of the special Yom Tov dishes permeate the air, a supreme sacred atmosphere, the moment arrives.)

Everyone in thought and prayer written for a happy new year! A year of health! A year full of good news.

We brought these feelings into the big show of the times on a fun day for hundreds of families with special children by an organization Blev Echad that this year set up at the Cholon Prize Amphitheater Park on a huge stage built especially for the show in a special production by producer Isaac Geffen.

The great chassidic singer Lipa Schmelzer and the rising singer Raphael Melloul and the prodigy Mendy Roth, who arrived voluntarily, performed on stage, under the musical direction of Yanki Landau – the Fire Band accompanied by the Yedidim International Choir, conducted by Yaakov Rotblatt.

The highlight of the show, which did not leave a dry eye, was when a number of special children of ‘Blev Echad‘ took the stage for prayer with a medley of the Yomim Noroim, with the audience joining in the excitement and prayer for refuah sheleima bekarov.

“והן קל כביר לא ימאס תפילת רבים”

Photography & editing: Nati Albert
Musical production: Yankee Landau
Orchestra: Fire
Choir: Yedidm International
Voice processing: Yaakov Rotblatt
Production: Isaac Geffen
Amplification and lighting: SB Productions – Shraga Bukshpan
PR: Diamond
New Media: Bearish Fillmer

The opening was photographed in a sample apartment in the Nof Kinneret neighborhood of Poria – Tiberias Illit

Tallit Center
Acai Studio

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