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Avishai Eshel With A New Single “Abba Tov”

Singer Avishai Eshel in a new single which Rami Lev wrote and composed for him. Eran Carmi is responsible for the musical arrangement and production. Lyrics: אבא טוב אתה יודע לאהוב ולצייר לי את חיי בין הדמעות לבין שמחה שלא

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Chaim Israel – Mitoch Tmimut

Singer and composer Chaim Israel continues to surprise, and this time “Mitoch Tmimut” – a masterpiece, exciting and unique written by Ami Asher and composed by Chaim Israel, alongside Eran Carmi‘s adaptation. Especially on these simple days, the text speaks

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Chaim Israel With A Moving Ballad “Av Harachaman”

Every year around the Yomim Noraim Chaim Israel releases a new single, and this year’s ballad is called Av Harachaman, which was composed by Moshe Margaliyot spontaneously after davening at Rachel Imeinu’s kever. It was arranged and produced by Eran

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Chaim Israel – Yonat Shalom

Chaim Israel just released a new beautiful ballad called Yonat Shalom. Lyrics and composition: Shmuel Yonah Arrangement & Musical Composition: Eran Carmi Click PLAY below to hear the song [Audio clip: view full post to listen]

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“Geiut Vashefel” Avishai Eshel With His Fifth Single

Singer Avishai Eshel just released the fifth single off his upcoming album, which he has been working o for two and a half years with the best people in the country music. “Geiut Vashefel” is a Greek-style single composed and

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