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Blue Melody ft. Avraham David

Blue Melody presents an international collaboration with acclaimed French singer Avraham David. With chodesh Nisan approaching this week and Pesach approaching, we present to you a cover of Ishay Ribo‘s “Tokho Ratsuf Ahava.” Even as Klal Yisrael reached the lowest

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Eitan Katz – Forever Grateful

A Message From Eitan Katz, A few months ago I had the z’chus of leading the davening throughout shabbos at Congregation Ohab Tzedek in Manhattan. After mussaf, an elderly man (although with a youthful bounce to his step) by the

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Dance n’ Blue – Blue Melody ft. Beri Weber

To some, BLUE merely represents a color & no more. To us, BLUE represents Depth. It represents Clarity. It represents Class. Blue Melody was was founded with the underlying philosophy that quality music consists of everything Blue represents. Elegance –

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“Blue Debut” – The Blue Melody Group

“Blue Debut” – The Blue Melody Group Ari Boiangiu Eran Asias Jason Teborek Shaya Leiberman Superior musicians with an elegant synergy made possible through countless hours of shared efforts & rehearsals. Sit back, put on your best pair of headphones

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Yitzy Spinner Releases All New Single – Shekel

It has been over five years since the release of his debut album, you and i, and in that time, Yitzy Spinner has been involved in countless projects. Known for his legendary choir work, his impeccable vocals, his unique compositions

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