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“Rachamim” David Ben Arza On The Way To His Debut Album

David Ben Arza is releasing a brand new single off of his upcoming debut album. Rachamim is a special song of prayer from deep pain and despair, given the strife of the horrible war we are in. His debut album

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Uplifting & Exciting – David Ben Arza In A New single “Yored V’Oleh”

David Ben Arza is releasing his brand new single called Yored V’Oleh, which he wrote and composed himself. The song was produced by Tahar Shefi Reffeld.

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David Ben Arza In Concert: Nechama Ka’Zu

In anticipation of his upcoming debut album and summer concert tour, singer David Ben Arza is releasing a brand new live performance of his song Nechama Ka’Zu.

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Moshe Klein Rocked Yerushalayim With His Show “Nitzotz Yehudi” [Gallery]

Moshe Klein arrived in Jerusalem for the Nitzotz Yehudi show, where he hosted the singer and composer David Ben Arza, crowds of yeshiva students gathered and came to enjoy an especially invested evening. An exciting moment was recorded in the

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David Ben Arza – Nechama K’Zu

David Ben Arza is releasing a single called Nechama K’Zu. He wrote, composed, and sang the song himself, and produced, mixed, and mastered by Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry.

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