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Eli Herzlich: The Making of “Chosson Domeh LaMelech”

After four long years of work spanning the world over, Eli Herzlich finally released his debut album. “Chosson Domeh LaMelech” is one of the best albums in the last few years taking over store sales in Israel, the United States

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Yoni Eliav & His Orchestra Present: String Wedding FUNK MEDLEY 2014

Yoni Eliav & His Orchestra just released a new and unique musical project featuring the best wedding singers in Israel and America. Eliav brings together and connects creativity and talent the most prominent musicians in the Hasidic music world, with

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Eli Hertzlich “Bechochma Yibaneh Bayis” The Official Music Video

After releasing his debut single “Chosson Domeh La’Melech” a few months ago, singer Eli Hertzlich became an instant success. Radio stations across the globe were getting requests daily and playing the single, which rose quickly in various music charts and

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Eli Herzlich Performs “Chosson Domeh LaMelech” Live

Eli Hertzlich gave a special performance for his hit single “Chosson Domeh LaMelech” at Heichal Hatarbut in Petah Tikva to hundreds of yeshiva students. By a siyum during Bein Hazmanim by Radio Kol Berama. Music Director: Moshe Mordechai Rosenblum

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Summer Music Season Opens With The New Single From Eli Hertzlich “Chosson Domeh La’Melech”

Eli Hertzlich is one of the most sought-after singers and performers in the world of Chassidic music and concerts. Because of his vocal talent, he has been able to connect to and touch many different types of communities. “Chosson Domeh

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