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Vayehi Binsoa Ha’Aron – New Single By Moshe Dovid

Vayehi Binsoa Ha’Aron… These special Pesukim form a self-contained Sefer in the middle of Chumash Bamidbar. They describe the ideal level of Klal Yisrael being led by Hashem under His direct Hashgacha. The whole world will perceive His Shechina among

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In honor of Yud Tes Kislev the Buba Myses produced a music video urging all Jews to wrap on Tefillin! The clip is filmed in the shul where the band davens as well as at the platform where Chabad is

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BUBA MYSES – Chabad Medley VIDEO

Credits: BUBA MYSES was created and produced by SHAIBA productions-Nati Shayish & Shai Barak Videographer , Director and Editor: Shlomo Chaim Rivkin Singer & vocals (Josh Friedman): Chanan Elias Script: Nati Shayish & Shai Barak Producer assistant: Meir Eydelman Puppet

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Nachum Segal Welcomes the Buba Myses to JM in the AM

It was a great new music Thursday as Nachum Segal welcomed Chanan Elias and the Buba Myses to to JM in the AM. Nachum and his guests discussed the new album, the current concert tour, life in an all puppet

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BUBA MYSES: The Story + US Tour

“These aren’t your grandmother’s “boba myses” (grandma stories).” That was the first reaction from people who heard the new debut album from the FIRST EVER Jewish Rock Puppet Band called “BUBA MYSES”. YES, you heard me right, puppets!!! This whole

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Introducing: Buba Myses – The Jewish Puppet Rock Band New Album + Video

Introducing the most exciting new Jewish rock puppet band “Buba Myses“. The ensemble features four extremely gifted musicians who bring with them many years of collective stage performance experience. Although their music was energetic and powerful, the quartet felt that

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AISH presents: Chanukah Jewish Rock of Ages – Official Hanukkah Video

FREE: Download the MP3 Visit for more Chanukah inspiration. The parody of all parodies! “Chanukah: Rock of Ages” is parody of Chanukah parody songs and the Jewish holiday parody songs in general that have become so popular. To

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