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Yidi Bialostozky Feat. Kalmey Schwartz, Shmaya Fischer, Sruly Altman, Bentzy Weberman & Chaim Brown in A New Rendition of The Chabad Hit: “De Rebbe is Gezunt”

When the Rebbe got recovered after suffering a serious heart attack, the legendary Chassid Reb Yisroel Duchman put these lyrics onto a traditional Russian melody. The chassidim danced to this song all night long rejoicing while the Rebbe was regaining

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Dreits Enk Iber This Purim With Yeedle Kahan Plus

This Purim get into the vibe with this awesome dance track of lit wedding songs. Produced by Yeedle Kahan Plus and joined by Shea Berko, Sruly Altman, Levy Falkowitz, Chaim Brown & Nechemia Katz whose music needs no introduction, take

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Chaim Brown – Single: “Kol Tachninei”

Where do I start? On such an amazing song, full of soul, heart stirring, there’s not to much to add, but the people behind its production! This beautiful medley ‘Kol Tachninei‘ is being released in light of so much heart

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L’chee – Strumz with Beri Weber

When you hear the name Strumz you automatically think creative thoughts, and when you add some “Beri” to it, the word “creative” becomes an understatement. Therefore when Chaim the Strumz band leader approached Beri about creating this video it was

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Hours of Live Entertainment From Your Home! HOMESHOW LIVE FARBRENG

Staying at home shouldn’t mean missing out on entertainment. Responding to the call of chinuch professionals to help raise spirits during these uncertain times, Reb Shayala’s Kitchen has organized a world class event for adults and children! Sponsored by four

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Be Mezmerized – Mez Productions ft. Chaim Brown & Shira Choir

Prepare to get Mezmerized! Introducing, Shmuel Dovid Mezei a. k. a. Mez Productions, the next level of music production. Don’t believe us? Just watch our premier video filmed LIVE this past January at the Werner/Kahan Wedding at Ateres Chynka. The

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Strumz – Lmaan Daas (Shmueli Ungar Cover)

We know it’s been a while since our last video, but the wait is finally over. Enjoy this stunning video that was recorded live at the Gluck Bar Mitzvah in Renaissance Hall on December 31, 2018 Originally Recorded by: Shmueli

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Strumz – Umar Rabbi Akiva

Some call it a Kumzitz band, and some think of it as an acoustic band with a fresh sound. Whatever you prefer to call it, one thing is certain, a Strumz event will always be an awesome experience. Originally Recorded

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