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Tag "Bentzi Stein"

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The Next Hit! Shloime Meir & Ari Hill In A Historic Duet: “Yehudi Kadosh”

Remember the name Shloime Meir, an intriguing and promising singer, who sang in a new and exciting duet with Ari Hill “Yehudi Kadosh” to the tune of musician Bentzi Stein who also participates in Sea-Part, the duo Eli Klein and

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Srulik Raizman & Friends With Ahrele Samet & Bentzi Stein In A Colorful Video: “Kretchma”

Srulik Raizman, a friend of all the great musicians, gathered all the good friends to the prestigious chulent and Shabbat delicacies store in Jerusalem “Yossele Makir Shabbat” with complete surprise, the singer Ahrele Samet joined him. Srulik did not finish

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The Unifying Light of The Rashbi: United Worlds A Huge Duet With An Exciting & Captivating Melody!

The uniting light of R’ Shimon Bar Yochai has brought together a major duet that is sure to move everyone’s hearts. Meir and Ahrele joined forces once again to bring us a duet featuring Chaim Israel and Ari Hill for

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Ari Hill & Moshe Dovid Weismandel – Tatale

The hit that has recently conquered the dance floor at weddings and events, after the composer Bentzi Stein, renewed and brought it to the general public, now in an official and sweeping performance … Credits: Production: Nuta Levin Arranged by:

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Shmuel Bookspan – Abba Sheli

Half a year since the tragic passing of R’ Baruch Bookspan ZT”L, his 15 year old son Shmuel is releasing a heart-wrenching song expressing the feelings of longing and pain of having lost his father. The song was composed by

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Mendy Weiss – Havei Rotz LaMishnah

In honor of the Siyum of Seder Zeraim of thousands of children of the Zichron Chana organization, Mendy Weiss is releasing a special song composed by Bentzi Stein, arranged and produced by Yanky Landau.

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Avraham Fried – OhToToh Acapella

Last Summer, world renown singer Avraham Fried released a dynamic new hit called OhToToh off his upcoming album. The album was released with a very unique and original video using the lyrics o the song and Avraham Fried himself. Now

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A New Single From His Upcoming Album: Avraham Fried With “OhToToh”

After a long line of promos, finally the thing we have all been waiting for is actually here, with a beautiful graphic artwork. OhToToh is the first single from a new Chassidic album from Avraham Fried, which is currently in

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Mendy Weiss With A New Single “Yomar Tzoroseinu Dai”

During this intensely trying time of Corona, Mendy Weiss received a composition from his friend Bentzi Stein to the words of Mi She’amar Leolamo Dai Yomar Tzoroseinu Dai. Hershy Seigel produced the clip of the song. Hershy Weinberger helped write

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Shloime Cohen With A New Single In Honor Of Lag Baomer

The Chassidic singer Shlomie Cohen releases a new and especially poetic song about the Tana Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai on the occasion of Lag Ba’Omer titled “Rabi Shimon.” Composer: Bentzi Stein Arrangement: Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry and their choir

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