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Tag "Avishai Rosen"

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The Band ” 3Vocal” Presents A Chanukah Single: “Bayamim Ha’Heim” + A Video In The Old Jerusalem

For two years already the 3Vocal group has been traveling and performing at weddings and other events, even serving as backup vocalists for Yaakov Shwekey. In honor of Chanukah, group member Avishai Rosen composed and arranged the song Bayamim Ha’Heim.

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Acapella Group 3Vocal With A New Acapella Cover “Halev Sheli”

Despite the countless performances of Ishay Ribo‘s big hit “Halev Sheli,” this new performance of the young vocal band ‘3Vocal‘ by Avishai Rosen and his friends manages to create another nuance to the magical song.

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Acapella Group 3Vocal With A New Video “When You Believe In Miracles”

Avishai Rosen‘s vocal band ‘3Vocal‘ just released a new video, a beautiful vocal performance for Disney’s “When You Believe” song. The clip taken before the closure of Coronavirus and is soothing and full of magic.

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Yaakov Shwekey & Kobi Peretz “Todah Al Hakol”

Last month, Yaakov Shwekey hosted singer Israeli superstar Kobi Peretz at the Pis Arena in Jerusalem, as part of the Ariel Winter Festival, initiated by Ariel and Sharon Daniel Pro. The show was conducted by musical artist Rafi Greidi, accompanied

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Tri-Vocal – Yesimcha Elokim

The group Tri-Vocal or 3Vocal is now releasing their new hit A Capella song Yesimcha Elokim, together with an exciting music video. The group is comprised of ex-Kinderlach star Avishai Rosen, Chazan Shlomi Ben David, and tenor Orad Katz.

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MRM Music Presents: The Vocal Collection 3 [Audio Sampler]

Last year Jewish music distributor MRM Music released the ultimate acapella collections titled “THE VOCAL COLLECTION 2.” The album featured 20 acapella tracks, from some of the top names in Jewish music including Beri Weber, Mendy Jerufi, Avishai Rosen, Yisroel

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“Mi She’Ani Achshav” Avishai Rosen Releases His Second Album

Singer Avishai Rosen, released his second album today called Mi She’Ani Achshav, his first album completely written and composed by himself. For this unusual production, Avishai turned to Rami Kleinshtein, who has produced some of the major names in music.

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“Echzor” Avishai Rosen 17, Releases New Single + Music Video

In anticipation of his upcoming album, singer Avishai Rosen is releasing his new single and video clip called Echzor. The song deals with the subject of growing up, and introspecting. This is Avishai’s second album, the first one dealt with

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Avishai Rosen: Hayiti Boreach Official Music Video

Singer and composer Avishai Rosen is releasing a music video for his hit song Hayiti Boreach. Avishai is well-known for being someone who pushes the limit, so he went to the group “teenk“, which is also a group that is

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Avishai Rosen “Hayiti Boreach” The Second Single Off His Upcoming Album

Singer and composer Avishai Rosen [16] continues to pave the way as a creative artist, who is working on a all new album with renown musical producer Rami Kleinstein. “Hayiti Boreach” – is the second single from the new album,

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