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Tag "Avishai Rosen"

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Avishai Rosen in Radio Kol Chai: Full Audio + Pictures & Video!

This past Motzei Shabbos on “Saturday Night Music” with Yossi Eisenthal which airs on Radio Kol Chai, listeners were treated to child prodigy Avishai Rosen LIVE in the studio celebrating the release of his debut album “Ten Li Siman”. Rosen

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Avishai Rosen with a new single – GPS

Avishai Rosen does it again with yet another MEGA hit! His new single “GPS” was written after a ride with a taxi/cab driver who said to the passenger sitting next to him, “you see the device the g.p.s? It knows

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Avishai Rosen with acapella “Malachim”

After releasing his first two singles “Ten Li Siman” & “Alfei Yeladim” off his upcoming debut album, Child singer Avishai Rosen releases a acapella song just in time for the 3 weeks of “Shir Malachim” otherwise known as “Malachim Hakdoshim”

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