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This Purim Will Sound Different! Avi Dror Ft. Nemouel & Eli Herzlich Purimix 2019

Here is what happens when international keyboardist and electronic music star Avi Dror decides to features two of the princes of modern Chassidic music, Eli Herzlich and Nemouel. The result is an upbeat and fun Purim mix with an accompanying

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Vesomchato Bechagecho: Nemoul With A Yom Tov Medley For Succos

Chassidic superstar singer Nemoul was hosted in the Sukkah of the “Hidabroot” channel, hosted by Amiram Ben Lulu for a joyous, sweeping holiday. Nemoul performs the best of the festival’s hits of all time, the circles and the communities, accompanied

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Zanvil Weinberger & Malchus Choir – Lamdeni

Radio personality Yossi Gil is surprising us with a new production, which is a single composed by his brother in law Meir Berman, who was responsible for a number of hits that have made it big in the world of

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Chassidic Super Star Eli Herzlich Captures Viewers On Israel’s “Channel 2″ [Photos]

Star singer Eli Herzlich continues to establish his position in the center of international Jewish Music, as one of the big stars who is entering the hearts of mainstream Israelis. With this in mind, he was invited this past Thursday

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