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Shmuel Perednik – Ashreinu

After his song Mah Lachem Lehitbayeish turned into a major hit, singer and artist Shmuel Perednik is releasing another single ahead of his debut album’s release. Ashreinu is a new arrangement for the classic Breslev song, arranged and produced by

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How are we to respond to the recent events in Pittsburgh? For that matter, how should we respond at any time when are under attack? As one of the many times he expresses his feelings through song, Shlomo Yehuda composed

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Breslov Nigunim @ Chupa with Eitan Katz

Enjoy these two beautiful breslov nigunim, Ashreinu & Me’ein Olam Haba. Performed at the Boim/Wertman Chupa on September 25 at Old Westbury Hebrew Congregation. Whether it’s a big band, a small band…one violin or eight, my mission stays the same

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Nemouel & Danny Avidani “Sh’Hashalom Shelo”

After the success of his first single, Ashreinu, which turned into a major hit on the radio, garnered tens of thousands of YouTube hits, and played time and time again at weddings, singer Nemouel and producer Danny Avidani are returning

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In Honor of “Hakel 5776″ Yochai Kfir Presents: ‘Ashreinu’ Moetzet & Avremi Roth

During the course of the Simcha of the Pramishlan family, singer and composer Yishai Lapidot was inspired to the song Ashreinu which accompanied the Mitzvah Tantz of the Admor and the Chosson. The niggun came from the Chabad chassidus. Lapidot

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Nemuel Joins Menachem Toker on Motzai Shabbat Live

Last Motzei Shabbos singer Nemuel was a guest on Menachem Toker‘s radio show “Motzash Chai” on the Radio Kol Chai. Nemuel entertained the listeners and the viewers with a special concert, featuring his hit song Ashreinu, amongst other hit songs

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Yoni Eliav & Friends Salute The Shluchim

In honor of the Kinnus HaShluchim underway in the holyland, musician extraordinaire Yoni Eliav and his band release the official music video “Shluchei HaRebbe Ashreinu“, featuring chabad singers Mendy Jerufi and Simcha Friedman. The nigunim are beloved and cherished sung

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Here It Is: Nemuel & Dani Avidani “Ashreinu”

Nemuel is from a French Chabad family. He made Aliyah when he was a child, and learned in some of the best Yeshivos in Israel. With time and encouragement from his friends, he began to sing and perform at weddings

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“Ashreinu” By Chaim Gold [Official Music Video] 0

After two successful singles, young singer Chaim Gold is surprising us yet again, and this time he is focusing on grabbing the attention of the Chareidim in America and Israel with his new clip that was filmed in Jerusalem alongside

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