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New Song From 8th Day Has Powerful Message On How To Get “Unstuck”

New Song From 8th Day Has Powerful Message On How To Get “Unstuck”

We don’t always know what to do. It seems that there is always different solutions or groups we fall into. This all started when the Jewish people faced a raging sea and had an Egyptian army quickly approaching. We were just starting out as a nation and we already had four groups or solutions to the Egyptian problem. The first group said we should fight them while the second group said we should surrender. The third group suggested we simply pray and the fourth group thought the answer would be to drown in the sea. But they were all wrong. Moses told them that the answer from G-d was to “Go.”

Ever since then, whenever a jew feels stuck, the words of Moses remind us: Go.

The new 8th Day track titled “Rollin” is a song about taking that next step. To simply keep on moving until you find your way.
A BH STUDIO Production
Written and produced by Bentzi Marcus
Directed/DP and Edit – Levi Percia
Second Sooter – Ricardo Sanchez
Line Producer – Menachem Silverstein
Props – Samson Sound and Lighting
Color – Rustam Vakilov

Driver – Johny D
Director – Elliott Samson
Trumpet Player – Sean Billings
Saxophone Player – Leo Chelyapov
Mechanic – Menachem Kashanian
Hebrew subtitles – Dovid Zaklikowski, Liron Brannon, Mrs. Chana Percia

“Rollin” song credits:
Written and composed by Shmuel Marcus
Produced and arranged by Bentzi Marcus
Mix/Master – Matt Thorne

“Rollin” Lyrics:

(Water’s on my mind and I just can’t swim, the only way to win is to jump right in.)

Some say turn around
Turn around and fight ‘em
Some say close your eyes and pray

Some wave a big white flag
Screamin’ with surrender
Some quit callin it a day

Just keep on moving rollin on
Don’t stop for the ocean
Keep on moving waters fade away
Just keep on moving rollin on
Don’t stop for the ocean
Keep on moving ‘til you find your way

Vayomer.. Vi’yisou.. Fuhr – ויאמר .. ויסעו ״פארט״

Some look away
there’s just nothing but survival
Some say it doesn’t really pay
Some hold on tight screamin
Can’t change my nature
Some say we just can’t find our way


Water’s on my mind and I just can’t swim
The only way to win is to jump right in
I’m staring down a barrel but I trust in Him
Waves are crashing but we’re comin in
Got my eye on the prize won’t stop for the lies
I’ll be running down this path ‘til he opens my eyes
Clouds so dark I can’t see a thing
But I wait to see the light that my faith will bring

©8th Day Band 2021

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