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Singer & Songwriter Daniel Yizhaky With A New Single “Open Our Hearts”

Singer & Songwriter Daniel Yizhaky With A New Single “Open Our Hearts”

Daniel Yizhaky started singing and writing songs as an emotional outlet about four years ago. Although he never planned to publicize them, after hearing his song “Let Him In“, some of his Rabbeim/mentors encouraged him to share these with a larger audience. Yizhaky’s only other experience in the world of music is doing some chazanus for the local Shul he grew up in. Anything he shares are words and tunes that came straight from the heart at different moments in his life. Daniel hopes that fellow Jews can relate to the songs he shares, and that they provide chizuk (encouragement) to Klal Yisroel.

This, Yizhaky’s second single titled “Open Our Hearts”, is based on a line at the end of Shacharis. It’s about a Yid (Jew) yearning for, and putting a lot of effort into strengthening his relationship with Hashem. It expresses the struggle to accomplish this due to our lack of natural capabilities to have an open heart and mind to the Torah, Yiras and Ahavas Hashem (fear & love of Hashem), and the constant desire to fulfill the will of Hashem. This Yid turns to Hashem, asking for His help so he can be as close as possible to Hashem.

הוּא יִפְתַּח לִבֵּנוּ בְּתורָתו, וְיָשֵׂם בְּלִבֵּנוּ אַהֲבָתו וְיִרְאָתו, וְלַעֲשׂות רְצונו, וּלְעָבְדו בְּלֵבָב שָׁלֵם
May He open our hearts through His Torah, and fill our hearts with love and fear of Him, and that we may do His will and serve Him wholeheartedly.

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