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The Shira Girls Choir’s latest release “princess” coming soon FOR WOMEN ONLY!

The Shira Girls Choir’s latest release “princess” coming soon FOR WOMEN ONLY!


Just 2 weeks!  That’s how much longer we’ll need to wait for The Shira Girls Choir’s latest release. This news is making waves as women and girls throughout the world anxiously await the arrival of the choir’s newest album being released by Aderet. Entitled “princess”  the album features 10 brand new hit songs all composed by choir director Chaya Bruria Sachs. The Shira Girls Choir is coming off 2 highly successful previous albums, “Yisimeich Elokim” and “Lechu V’nailcha” followed by a host of highly acclaimed concerts in cities throughout the east coast these past several years.  Superb musical arrangements by Yanky Briskman and Yisroel Lamm blend magnificently with the vocal arrangements.  This talented choir is comprised of girls ages 8-17. It is upbeat and lively, yet inspirational and uplifting. Shira Girls Choir, Princess, is a must-have for all women and girls!

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  1. h. eich
    h. eich 28 February, 2011, 20:28

    i am soo excited for it to come out. since i am a SGC member i really can’t wait for my relatives and friends to hear it . it is really a fabulouse Cd
    it is a must buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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