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Saul Emanuel – Ki Hinei Kachomer

Saul Emanuel – Ki Hinei Kachomer

רוממות א-ל בגרונם (תהלים קמ”ט)
Lofty praises of Hashem in their throats”. With these words, my beloved grandfather, Mr. Jonas Emanuel, inscribed a siddur he presented to me just before Rosh Hashana when I was 8 years old. I suppose he chose this particular phrase, knowing that I already had a tremendous love of singing and music. With these words were his hope and guidance that I would use my singing abilities for the reason all abilities are bestowed-to glorify the One Above. For many years I have had the great zechus to Daven for the Amud during the Yamim Noraim and I do pray that I have somewhat fulfilled that Bracha of my Opa, to have brought myself and others inspiration in their tefillos.

Last year, at this time, Yom HaDin, the entire world was united in intense Tefilla for the coming year to bring an end to the hardships, loneliness, anxiety, illness, and suffering that the previous months of coronavirus had brought. The concept of mankind being mere “clay in the hand of the Potter” had become a clear, stark reality understood by all! Amidst these emotions, this melody was created. Let’s together, strengthen ourselves in this realization that we are totally dependent on our Creator and have nowhere to turn for Salvation but to Him.
Wishing all a Kesiva VeChasima Tova
Saul Emanuel

Composed by: Saul Emanuel
Vocals: Saul Emanuel
Harmony: Joel Sacher, Shlomo Brill
Produced @ JB Recording Studios (South Africa)
Produced by: Jonathan Birin
Arranged by: Jonathan Birin, Jeff Horvitch & Phil Holder
Video by: JB Recording Studios
Video Edited by: Verny Scholtz

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