“Rotzim Lismoach” The Kinderlach In A New Single Off Their New Album

“Rotzim Lismoach” The Kinderlach In A New Single Off Their New Album

The Kinderlach are opening summer celebrations in a perfect way: new and shiny album, fourth in a row, named ‘Sababa‘ that is about to be released to the musical stores this week. And today, the band is releasing a single from the album, called ‘Rotzim Lismoach‘, that was written and conducted by a musician Israel Sosna and produced by Ron Tichon.

A short campaign that ran in social media last week featuring the teaser “I Am Happy” in various languages raised a lot of interest and curiosity. Now we understand that this is Part of the song “Rotzim Lismoach” that includes the slogan translated to English, French, Hebrew and Spanish, and already proves to be the refreshing hit of this summer!

The album, as mentioned earlier, will reach the musical stores in Israel and abroad in the upcoming week, and includes 14 various tracks from all musical styles, from the best writers, composers and producers. Among the prominent names in this album one can find singer and artist Itzik Dadya, musical duo Eli Klein & Yitzy Berry, composer Rabbi Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, Maestro Gershon Freishtat, musician Israel Sosna, artist Miri Israeli, Doron Elimelech, Sharon Abilhak and more.

תמונה- רוצים לשמוח

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