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RINAS AMCHA – B’Yadcha – A Tribute to Donny Morris z”l

RINAS AMCHA – B’Yadcha – A Tribute to Donny Morris z”l

B’YADCHA – Rinas Amcha
Ben Antosofsky, Yaakov Fuchs, Dovid Mandel
On Lag Ba’omer 5781, the Jewish people lost 45 precious souls, among them our dear friend, Donny Morris z”l. Donny‘s warm smile, infectious laugh, love for Torah, and thirst for growth brightened the lives of those around him. When we learned of the news surrounding Donny’s tragic petirah, we needed to respond in the most authentic way we knew: an original composition in his memory. We composed this song in the week following the petirah and we recorded it a few days later. The words of the song speak about how we place our souls into the hands of Hashem with trust and faith, and we long for the day when Hashem’s Kingship will be restored forever. We daven collectively that Donny’s life inspires us to be the best version of ourselves, to keep on striving for more, and to daven to Hashem that our sorrows turn into that warm smile.
- Rinas Amcha

A special thank you to Meir Rosenfeld, Rav Ari Waxman, the American Friends of Yeshivat Shaalvim, and Abraham Frischman for making so much of this project possible with your generous financial support and open hearts!
Composed by: Yaakov Fuchs and Dovid Mandel
A ZUKI Media Production
Produced by: Yehuda Levi @ ZUKI Media
Arrangement and Vocal Recording by: Zev Becker @ OnChord Studios, Jerusalem, Israel
Vocal Arrangement by: Yaakov Fuchs
Cover Art: Yaakov Fuchs
Video Produced by: Shimmy Socol
בידך אפקיד רוחי פדית אותי ה׳ קל אמת
אלוקינו שבשמים יחד שמך וקים מלכותך תמיד ומלוך עלינו לעולם ועד

נר ה׳ נשמת אדם
דרשו את ה׳ וחיו

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