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“NISHMAT” A New Song From Singer & Producer Tal Vaknin

“NISHMAT” A New Song From Singer & Producer Tal Vaknin

Nishmat” is a new hit song that crosses sectors within the Jewish community. In the new hit song Mrs. Miriam Peretz has an appearance and the emotions will not leave a dry eye amongst the viewers.

Nishmat Kol Chai” is a prayer that is said on the eve of Passover, Sabbath and additional Jewish holidays.

There is an ancient Jewish merit told by Rabbi Yehuda Chassid. It says that if a person is in trouble and is unable to see salvation he must take upon himself to say the prayer “Nishmat Kol Chai” and he will be saved by the power of the prayer that glorifies G-D.

Today, during these not so simple times, a moment before we will be celebrating Passover in small groups, the singer Tal Vaknin has decided to release his new single “Nishmat“. Filmed with Mrs. Miriam Peretz who was awarded the prestigious ‘Israel Prize’ for her lifetime achievement on the topic of strengthening the Jewish people both in Israel and all over the world. Peretz moved and strengthened an entire country.

Tal Vaknin, singer, producer, rising star, Jewish singer phenomenon, has been performing for over a century at weddings, concerts, and Jewish festivals around the world. Tal is constantly on the line between Europe, New York and Israel.

Tal Vaknin began his musical journey when he was only six years old when he started singing in the congregation of Eliezer Peretz in the Givat Z’eev neighborhood of Jerusalem. His unique vocal sounds stood out in school choirs and plays and he began taking music class with the known Channah Aharoni.

Tal continued on his musical path and took part in Youth choirs, and in the IDF chose to serve as a singer in the prestigious Rabbinate IDF Band. Once Tal completed his army service he began performing in Simchas and he created a true name for himself as one of the top leading Jewish singers for events in Israel and abroad.

In 2009, Tal built and created with the Darom team “Galei Yisrael” radio. He was the musical producer for the past five years. During this time Tal worked alongside leading Israeli artists in Israel.

Throughout the years Tal has collaborated with various famous musicians on musical projects and performances. Amongst them was Andrea Bocelli, Gad Elbaz, Yossi Azulay, Kobi Aflalo, Yaakov Shwekey Yishai Lapidot and more.

Tal‘s debut single “Aneini B’shirim” written and composed by Kobi Aflalo gained much media attention and was on the list of the top played songs of the time. The song quickly became a staple in the Jewish music scene across the world.

Then Tal produced his song “Neshama” and “Emuna Duet” with the Jewish pop star Gad Elbaz. During the time he was working on producing additional original content and taking part in many concerts he came up with the idea of singing the song “Modeh Ani” by Omer Adam, in four languages. This to quickly became a hit song and had thousands of views across the globe.

One evening, on one of his flights, Tal was surprised by a song written by his childhood friend the singer Uriel Aharoni. He wrote the song for Tal to the words of “Nishmat Kol Chai“.

Tal: When I heard the song I could not stay indifferent. It is not every day that such a beautiful melody graces us in this world. I quickly called (my big brother) my friend Gad Elbaz and asked him to fly out from New York to Israel in order to help me compose the most appropriate melody for the song.

Gad Elbaz‘s producer made the impossible possible and changed around his tight schedule and within 24 hours Gad Elbaz was on the mission led by the amazingly talented music producer Ran Aviv. When we all listened to the final musical production we could all feel the magic. This was a true hit.

The next stage was a hectic search. How can I send a message to the audience and connect them to the magical words of the song, to make them feel a strong relationship with their roots and to the simple yet complicated truth of thanks to the ultimate creator of our universe. Thankful also during hard times and to know that everything is in his power.

I returned home, to my roots, to the familiar smell and sound that designed my childhood. I contacted Miriam Peretz, awarded the prestigious ‘Israel Prize’ for her lifetime achievement on the topic of strengthening the Jewish people both in Israel and all over the world. A symbol of strength of the Jewish people in the last century.

Miriam, my second mother, or how I always liked to call her “Mama” always made me feel right at home. I grew up in her home alongside my lifelong friends, her children, Uriel and Eliraz BDE, Elyasaf and Avichai, Hadas and Batel. A woman that designed the melody of my life. Amongst her cooking and blessings, her Shabbat table and positive holiday spirit and amongst her days of mourning that shattered my soul time after time again with the loss of Uriel, Eliezer and Eliraz Peretz.

When Miriam heard the connection and the song she immediately felt connected and together we built a story evolving around the concept of the light of G-D and the Neshama. This concept derives from the Lubavitch Rebbe that said that one little candle can light up the big world. This is the story of the music video of “Nishmat” filmed by the talented “Nerom”. The ultimate idea is to connect as many people as possible from Israel and around the world to the one might ruler and to the Neshama that each of us has inside.

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