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Meir Duvid Farkas: “Yes Or No at Ato Chonein”

Meir Duvid Farkas: “Yes Or No at Ato Chonein”

This beautiful new melody “Yes Or No at Chonein Hadaas” was composed by world renown Hershy Weinberger as the first single release of an amazing album to come soon with songs on the words we say every day when we Daven Shemonah Esrei, to be released by Harav Meir Duvid Farkas.

Harav Meir Duvid is not just another Singer and Performer, or just a good Chazan. after years of being a renown Baal Tfilah he had in mind to bring us an awareness what means Tefilah, by releasing songs with Yiddish Lyrics on parts of the Shemona Esrei that we Daven 3 times a day. Hashem gave us the opportunity to speak to him as much as 3 times a day, and this is the biggest gift he could’ve ever given us, because when we Daven to him and we mean it we can ask whatever we want, should you just understand what you say and what you are asking from our father in heaven the king of all kings, when you asks for Wealth, Money, Children and whatever it should be – for that reason Harav Meir Duvid actually had in his first album called ‘Tzadikim‘ (Released back in 2016) 3 songs on this topic – now he continues his journey by bringing us this song, as he explains us what we ask in the Brucha of Atuh Chonein.

we ask Hashem to give us the right mind to make the right decisions as we approach so many difficult situations day after day and don’t know what is the right decision to make, that’s why and what we ask from Hashem our father to help us with.

Harav Meir Duvid also drops this as a pre- release to the full “Shemona Esrei Album” currently in the works!
Harav Meir Duvid reached out to producer Motti Gantz to get him this project out to the world on the most honorable level possible, Harav Meir Duvid came with this beautiful song composed by Hershy Weinberger and then Meir Duvid wanted to add up this beautiful part at the end of which Mona Rosenblum had composed and released years ago, and that gets the song a bit more an uplifting feel at its finish. Harav Meir Duvid still wanted some more touch to it, So they added the sweet voice of his son ‘Shimon Farkas‘ (Also had some solo parts on the Tzadikim album) for some small solo’s and with that you get to hear this final incredible product!

Produced by: Motti Gantz
Composed by: Hershy Weinberger & Mona Rosenblum
Music Arranged by: Shimmy Strohli
Mixed & Mastered: Shimmy Strohli
Cover Design: P R Marketing
YouTube Write-up: Yossi Shick
Digital Marketing: Motty Klein @ MusicOnTime

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