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L’Chaim Tovim – Yechiel Schron

L’Chaim Tovim – Yechiel Schron

Just in time for Rosh Chodesh, Yechiel Schron releases another soul-stirring melody composed by the talented composer Yitzy Waldner.

Yechiel felt compelled to share this new tune, recognizing the profound significance of the Tefilah “Yaaleh V’Yavo” recited during Rosh Chodesh and on Yom Tov. Through this song, he seeks to bridge the gap between the words we recite and their deeper meanings, inviting listeners to delve into the essence of our supplications.

In “Yaaleh V’Yavo,” we ask Hashem for blessings, success, and divine remembrance throughout the upcoming month. Yechiel Schron‘s heartfelt rendition aims to elucidate the essence of these petitions, reminding us that we’re not merely reciting words but earnestly seeking divine favor for a month filled with goodness, blessings, and prosperity.

Through Waldner‘s masterful composition and Schron‘s emotive delivery, listeners are invited to embark on a spiritual journey, connecting deeply with the words of our Tefilah and infusing each Rosh Chodesh and Yom Tov with renewed meaning and purpose.

Composed & Produced by: Yitzy Waldner
Arranged by: Ravid Kashti
Choir by: David Taub
Vocals recorded @ Studio 6, Lakewood NJ
Mixed & Mastered by: Ravid Kashti
Cover Design: Avrumy Silberstein /

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