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K’Shoshana by Moshav

K’Shoshana by Moshav

Moshav gears up for the Sukkot holiday with their “Shir Hashirim” track off their forthcoming “Shabbat Vol. 1” all Hebrew album. The track is available for streaming and downloading here!

Now a word from the band – “For the past year we have been building a studio in Duvid’s garage. Once the studio was up and running, we started getting together for late night sessions. We were drawn, in those hours, to roots music. The result of these sessions produced a Hebrew record which we will be releasing later this year titled “Between The Light” (The Shabbat Sessions Vol. 1). We are excited to share with you the first song called “K’ Shoshana“, it mixes Moroccan traditional music with Carlebach melodys and original composition. We hope you have as good a time listening to it as we had making it. Chag Sameach and Shana Tova!”

- Yehuda, Duvid and The Moshav Family

You could also stream/download Moshav’s infectious single, “Chicki Boom” which is the first taste from their upcoming album, “New Sun Rising” which will be released October 8th. Both the single and pre-orders of the full album are available at

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  1. dr blum carl
    dr blum carl 18 September, 2013, 12:19

    their hebrew stuff is fresh and unique. When they do secular stuff they’re just a mediocre pop group.

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